Unique best 5 android apps 2019

Unique best 5 android apps 2019

In this post here show top best 5 android apps 2019 For unique best 5 android apps 2019 for android

Here we start best 5 android 2019 apps

1.Amoled Wallpaper- Click here

Here is the first best android app in the list of best 5 android app 2019 and lets talk about first is basicly a wallpaper and best amoled wallpaper apps and lets talk about its features


  • Universal app, install on any Android device with AMOLED display.
  • Amazing collection of black and AMOLED wallpapers.
  •        Daily New High-Quality AMOLED Wallpapers arrival.
  • 10+ categories to choose from
  • Minimal & Beautiful User Interface
  •        Beautiful layout with a material dark theme.
  • One-click Wallpaper setup
  • One-click Wallpaper save 
  • One-click Share wallpapers 
  • Make your own Favorite wallpaper list
  •        Shuffle Option to shuffle wallpapers and get surprised.
  •        Swipe to change : You can easily swipe to change wallpapers.
  • App is 100% Free to use

        2.Battery charging animation-Click here


Here is the best 5 android apps 2019 no 2 app this app basically a charging indicater show in animation and very unique app this here is the features of this app


  •  Cool battery charging animations.
  •  Full control over charging animation size, position and transparency level
  •  Battery percentage text with charging animations
  •  Charging indicator widget
  •  Keep battery health in good condition.
  •  Save mobile phone battery from being overcharged and being dead.
  •  Charge Alarm notify you with alarm and vibration when your mobile phone battery fully charged or goes beyond or below the level you specified.

3.RGB animated backlit mechanical keyboard

Here is the best 5 android app 2019 no 3 this app basically as a rgb animated keyboard app for android in this the keyboard is full rgb style and if your  the button it sound tactical here its press the key features



  •  Simplified Customization
  •  Dark Mode for Use in Night.
  •  Click-Clack Sound Effect just like Real Mechanical Keyboard. Dynamic Feedback response.
  •  LED indicators for CAPS,NUM,POWER.
  •  RGB Backlit Effect 
  •  16 Million Colors RGB Rainbow Wave Effect
  •  Perfect Match for your Gaming Phones like Razer, Xiaomi ,Asus etc.
  •  Modifier Keys : Shift , Num lock for Symbols instantly accessible. Accentuation 
  •     Characters
  •  Extra Large Keyboard in Landscape Mode and Tablets
  •  Looks and Theme of a Traditional Old Mechanical Keyboard.
  •  3D Rendered Keys!!
  •  Traditional Keyboard Layout slightly modified for Mobile use 
  •  Swift Key Typing Response.
  •  One-Click Switch from Google Keyboard to and From .
  •  Perfect for Writers , Web Coders , Bloggers, Cover Writers, English Purist, Programmers 
  •     of COBOL,PERL,Haskell,Assembly,Journalists, Literature ,Reviewers ,Analysts  that want 
  •     pure writing experience.
  •  The Keyboard of the 70s, 80s, 60s. The old days are back. Pair it with your terminal emulators and vim simulators. 

           4.Smart navigation bar -Click here


Here is the best 5 android apps 2019 no 3 this is basically a navbar customize app here you can customise your nav bar in different style without root here its features


  •  choose Images form the gallery for nav bar images slideshow
  •  use android nav bar to quickly access notes and reminders
  •  advance navigation bar to put any text on screen with marquee, cool effects, animations
  •  add power line, energy bar with battery percentage indicator and power line options
  •  style your android navbar with cool animations and navbar photo slideshows

5.Pubg sticker for whatsapp-Click here

Here is the best 5 android apps 2019 no 5 this app basically a whatsapp sricker app in this app u have to find all the pubg sticker in this app Here is stuff in this app

All pubg Stuff

  • -Assault rifles
  • -Shotguns
  • -Snipers
  • -Submachine guns
  • -Light machine guns
  • -Pistols
  • -Crossbows
  • -Throwables
  • -Melee weapon
  • -Attachments
  • -Vehicles
  • -Equipments

I hope u like this best 5 android apps 2019  apps 

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