Tesla Unveil Model Y Suv On March 14

So Elon Musk says Tesla will unveil its fifth vehicle Tesla model Y Suv on March 14

Tesla unveil Model Y Suv

The public will get first glimpse of Tesla's new model Y SUV on 14 March 2019 next week the chief executive of Tesla Elon Musk said.

According to sources, the new Tesla model Y SUV is 10 percent more expensive than model 3 Tesla
and  10 percent more bigger than model 3. 
And slightly less range on single charge This all said by Elon musk on Sunday on his Twitter account the model 3 travel 220miles on single charge 

All the detail and pricing and specification of this Tesla mode Y SUV will share by Elon musk on event which is on 14 March 2019 will share on the event.

The model Y SUV is Tesla is Second Sub and fifth car and the musk said that car reviewer and potential customer drive car during the event.

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