How To Increase JIO Speed: Crazy Ways To Increase JIO Speed

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How to increase jio speed: if you are using 4g smartphone obviously you using a 4g smartphone and also use jio sim on it that's why you read this article.

Your problem is also slow jio internet speed that's why you read this article right. so you are in right place.

So today we will talk about Top methods to boost your jio speed and help to boost the speed up to 1 mbs plus speed by using this method.

Before we start let me clear something so this all methods are for boost up your jio speed it does not increase your jio speed. you all are known jio is such a big company and we cannot hack it.

So in this post, we only show some method or hacks to increase speed.

If you are thinking by using this method your speed is increase so in some case it increases and in some case not increase.

So in this post, we will so the method that boosts up your speed not increase your speed. So for that read full article.For How to increase jio speed

So before start first check maximum jio speed in your area for checking jio speed in your area follow below method.

How to check jio net speed

For start this process you need to download  2 Apps from play store

1st app "Internet speed meter lite app" - Click here
2nd app "JIO TvClick here

After download install the app and follow below steps

Steps to check the speed.

  1. First, open the Internet speed meter lite app
  2. And then open jio tv app.
  3. after that open any channel in jio tv app.
  4. And set quality to high.
  5. And after that check the speed n internet speed meter lite app in the notification panel.
  6. And you know the highest speed of yours.

And this method also helps to boost up your jio speed by buffering video and help to increase jio speed.

How to increase JIO speed (Methods)

Method 1:- Increase speed using the APN setting.

Steps To Follow:

  1. First of all, go to the menu and find the setting and click on setting.
  2. After opening setting click on "mobile network"
  3. Now click on Apn (Access point name) option of your jio sim.
  4. And if you are using dual sim smartphone then make sure click on your jio sim slot Apn.
  5. After that click on 3 dot at the top right corner of your screen.
  6. And click "Set new Apn" And new Apn is created
  7. After that Apply the below settings.

Apn settings

Name: Techno saheb
APN: Jionet
APN Type: Default
Proxy: No Changes
Port: No Changes
Username: No Changes
Password: No Changes
Server: Www.Google.Com
MMSC: No Changes
MMS Proxy: No Changes
MMS Port: No Changes
MCC: 405
MNC: 857 Or 863 Or 874
Authentication Type: No Changes
APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6

This Apn Setting Harm the device

No this Apn setting not harm your device because you only change the setting of your internet connection that can help you to better catch up the internet speed So this setting cannot harm your device.

Method 2: Increase speed using VPN Apps

So this method is pretty simple you only need to download one VPN and by using this app your speed is enhanced.

Step To Follow.

  1. First of all download "F-SECURE" App - Click here
  2. After that installed the app and open then app.
  3. And then select the server to "Singapore"
  4. And then click on connect.
  5. After now surf the internet.
And you can see that your internet speed can be enhanced now and it will be increasing. And so i hope you like this method.

Method 3: Increase JIO speed using the 4G band

Warning:- You are going to change your LTE band So do it your own Risk.

Before Modify band you need to change some setting in a smartphone.

Steps to follow:
  1. First, open your dial pad and type this-  *#*#4636#*#*
  2. After Then Click On The Phone Information Option
  3. After Then "Set Preferred Network Type"
  4. To LTE ONLY.

After Changing This Setting You Need To Follow Below Steps For Qualcomm And MediaTek  Devices Are Not The Same Steps You Only Need To Follow Your Device Steps Only.

JIO speed increase for Qualcom processor

For changing the band you need to download an application called "Shortcut Master (Lite)" From Play Store Or Click Here - Click Here

  1. After Then You Need To Install This App.
  2. After Install Open The App And Then Go On The Menu Section On The Upper Right Corner 
  3. And Then Click On The Search Section.
  4. In The Search Box Type "Carrier Menu" Or Engineering Mode  
  5. Then Hit The Search Button.
  6. Open If Access Change LTE Band Then Change It To Band 40.

JIO speed increase for MediaTek processor

For this, you also need to download one app called "MTK engineering mode" from play store or by Click here 

  1. After that install the application on your device.
  2. After then open the application and from the given section select "MTK setting"
  3. And now a new popup will appear now select "Band mode"
  4. And now if you are using dual sim you need to select your jio sim.
  5. Now select "LTE Mode"
  6. Now select Band 40 for maximum speed.
  7. that's it.

Now save the setting and reboot your device for applying this setting and then check your internet speed it can be increased now.

Method 4: Increase JIO speed using a browser

For this trick you only need to a browser app called PUFFIN BROWSER - Click here to download this app.

This app has amazing surfing speed and also amazing download speed you only need to download this app use it this app.

And I do not promote this app I personally use this app and then tell you about this app it has really good speed to download it can boost up your jio speed really.
You can try this app one time to increase jio speed.

Method 5: Some common method you need to use to increase jio speed

Method 1: search for best network coverage in your home or office

we all know that if your network coverage is not good then you do not get best network speed you need to find the best network coverage area in your home or office where the signal strength is high. In my case, my best network coverage area is in the near window of my house.

In your case, you need to find the best coverage area in your home or office so there you can download and surf very speed.

Method 2: Using jio at night

So if you want to download some big files and you do not get sufficient speed in day time then you need to download your file at night.

And also at night, you can surf the internet at a very fast speed.

In the night the speed of the network is very because the lesser people can use the internet and that's why all the networks are free from traffic and you get the best speed for your internet.

Method 3: By contacting customer care

Yeah, this trick sometimes it works or some time it not work in my case it can be work.

You need to call jio customer and tell him that the network in my area is like 2g network the speed is very bad in my area (in my case after I m telling my problem to customer then after 3 week later my jio speed increase now my jio is 500 kbs + jio speed in my area)

You can definitely try this hope that this trick can work

Jio customer care number:- For jio number- 198 or199
                                    For another number- 1800-889-9999

Method 4: Using Airplane mode

Sometimes the speed of internet is very low in your jio sim and that situation you need to use the power of airplane by simple put your phone in the airplane and wait 5 to 10 second then turnoff airplane mode then you see the miracle that the internet speed goes high and the miracle happens.

Method 5: Clear your phone cached data
so when you use your phone very long and you use many apps then in phone cached data can be save automatically and it will slow down your internet speed and you need to clear all your cached data
for clearing cached you only need to go your phone is storage setting and there you find clear cached data option.

Method 6: Stop running apps

So sometimes what happens there are lots of apps will open in your phone and this app can use your internet you need to stop this by closing that app who use your internet. you need to close them and then your internet speed increase.

Method 6: Video for some explanation


So here I m  share some best methods to increase your jio speed and help to boost up the jio speed of your smartphone.
I hope it can help you a lot and increase your jio speed.
And if you have any queries related to this article feel free to comment.
And also feel free to share on social media.

Thanks for reading.

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